Monday, April 09, 2007

Day Three (Monday, April 9th)

I wake up. I don't feel miserable. Amazing. I head back to the airport (ughghghg) and take a quick flight up to Phuket. From what I've heard, Phuket might not have been my first choice, but this is where I'll meet up with my sister and her pals so here I am.

I check into the Manathai Hotel. Feels a bit like the Viceroy (Shout out to Tom and Clarence). My sister stayed here a few days ago and the guy at reception says "Oh yes, Miss Teri" which makes me wonder. From what I've heard, this Island is a party place which suits my sister and I hope she had some fun, but not too much.

So, I put on my bikini (ack! It's only April and unseasonably freezing in NC so I'm not sure I'm ready for this) and tons of sunscreen and go to the beach. Amazing. I was just at the beach near Wilmington earlier this week and the difference in temperature and setting is striking. The water is so warm and I jump right in. There are tropical fish at my feet. The waves are fun. Every time a big one comes in I think "Tsunami."

I walk along the beach and get offered a Thai massage about 20 times, which I'll do later.

I come back to the Hotel Room and it all catches up to me and I try to read to stay awake, but end up sleeping. I wake up really groggy but drag myself to dinner.

It rained which cooled things off. The waiters are very confused by the fact that I'm alone. I have to admit, I would love some conversation right now, so I decide to come to the business center and write about the trip in this blog, which is my side of the conversation.

I am thinking about windsurfing tomorrow. Something I've done before at camp, but that lake was always lacking wind.

I'm also going to have some clothes made, which is cool. Believe it or not, Rod Brown suggested that. The time I spent working with Rod must have had some effect on him, as he's now thinking about fashion. Just thinking about it, mind you, not necessarily being fashionable. He is, after all, Rod. Oh yeah Rod, everyone here looks like Bob too.

Also realized that I completely missed Easter. There was no Easter Morning for me because of the time and direction in which I was traveling. Really, it was never morning on Sunday where I wuz. Darn. I am hungry for some of those marshmellow peeps and Easter provides a good excuse to eat them. Think Bikini, Jamie.

That's all for now. Good night.

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Margaret said...

watch out for those "thai massages!"