Thursday, April 12, 2007

Day Six (Thursday, April 12th)

Again, I wake up REALLY early. With all that sleep yesterday, maybe I shouldn't be so surprised. We are at the airport hotel so there's really very little I can do. I read in the bathroom for an hour or two.

At 6:30 the gym opens. I decide to have a workout. Once again, I realize that there are gyms in North Carolina, one in my building actually, but there weren't too many other compelling options.

I do some cardio. Then I try to lift. I pick up some 10's. Holy Smokes. Less than a week has gone by and these seem really really heavy. How did I lose the little strength I acquired so quickly? Then I realize that the weights are in Kilos and I decide to just skip the workout. It's too mentally taxing to have to do all these conversions and after that cardio, I'm not feeling very well.

In fact, I go back to the hotel room and start hugging the toilet a little bit. And that Malaria pill I took a few hours ago, well, that's no longer in my system.

Teri hears it all is like "Jamie, what are you doing? Be quiet." I respond "Um, Teri, I'm puking." That doesn't really make her any less annoyed at being woken. I head to the business center to e-mail some friends who are Drs. about what to do. The medication is no longer in me, so should I take another? But, if it makes me sick, then will this just happen again?

After checking out, Teri and I head to the airport and zip up to Laos. We get to the airport and all that cash that I had put aside for Laos is taken for my Visa. And Teri's. I'm annoyed. I didn't forsee this. I hate hate hate paying money for money but now that I'm out, I'll have to do that.

Our hotel picks us up. In an old white Mercedes.

We have a lovely little lunch. We are happy.

We take a long walk. Get lost. Teri is snapping photos. Click on the picture of the girl with the bucket below to see the photos from that walk.

Day Six (4.12.07)

I am glad to be here. And, we learn that it's the New Year. Which delights us. Little do we know.

Tomorrow we take the our trek. Excited!

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