Wednesday, January 25, 2012

There are .6 grams of carbs in one strand of spaghetti

One week into the "Look Better Naked Challenge."

My weekly total was about the same as most people's daily totals.

When I sent in my points I wrote "Yes, that's my weekly total, not my daily average."

The nutrition bit is killing me (literally).  

For all the fish oil and water drinking and workout out and sleeping I've done (positive points) "cheat meals" are negative points.  Cheat meals makes it sound like I had ice cream for breakfast.  I have.  Some of my meals have been almost "Zoned" but not quite.  I prefer to think of those as noncompliant.  But they're one and the same for this challenge.

I love spaghetti.  I cheat with spaghetti.  I'm trying to make an honest meal of spaghetti.   

There are .6 grams of carbs in one strand of spaghetti.  
That allows me 45 strands per meal.
That's almost as sad as weighing spaghetti.

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