Monday, January 16, 2012

Sleep, not Soda

A few days after I resolved to be more of a bad ass at Cross Fit and Eat better I read about the "Look Better Naked Challenge" on the Cross Fit Durham website.

My first thought was "I already look great naked."

But I read on and decided that if I was serious about my resolutions there were reasons to sign up for this besides looking even better naked (I have my issues folks.  Body image just isn't one of them.  Nor is modesty).

The challenge gives points for things like eating balanced meals, post work out meals, fish oil intake, drinking 64 ounces of water  a day, going to Cross Fit (duh) and here's my absolute favorite:  Getting 8 hours of sleep.  Points are deducted for things like not taking a rest day, soda, booze, anything that tastes good.

There are two meal plan options.  Whole30 and the Zone.

I only had to read the first page of the Whole30 plan to decide it was not an option.  First of all, the first page was one of like 20 pages.  The first page outlined what you cannot eat.  That continued onto the second page.  After one page I was at a loss for what other foods existed, consumable or not.

The Zone is complicated in it's own way but is far less restrictive and in line with my philosophy that all meals should include a mix of carbs, protein and fat (that philosophy is unrealized but having one is a step away from grocery shopping at the vending machine).

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