Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Pre-Challenge Benchmarks

Huh?  What challenge?  This one.

BMI:  18.6

Body Fat:  17.1%

Blood Pressure: 120/97

Heart Rate:  92 
Heart rate is a bit high.  The coach advised me to relax and took it again.  It went up to 97.

Triglycerides: 213 (this is a measurement from a November 2011 Dr. appointment)

Christine: 14 minutes 25 seconds, not Rx
Who is Christine?
It's the name of a workout that consists of three rounds of the following:
Row 500m
Dead-lifts 12 reps, Rx weight is your bodyweight.  I lifted a little bit more than half of me.
Box Jumps, 21 reps on a 21 inch box.  I did more stepping than jumping in the last round.  

Before Pics:  Taken.  I'm not modest but I'm also not stupid enough to post these on the internet. 

I'll be hyperlinking to this page in about ten weeks. 

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