Friday, January 06, 2012

Hi 2012. Here are some thoughts about the next 357 days we'll be spending together.

Not all of this needs to happen.  2012 (like 2011, 2010, 2090 and so on) will present me with new challenges to face, resolve or fail.   

Be more of a bad ass at Cross Fit 
I've got more in me than I give.
I'm mindful of things like pacing and avoiding injury but I need to push myself harder.
My mind is full of will, feistiness and strength that I need to demand from my body.

Cross Fit an extremely conducive environment (some might say too conducive) for this and I've had moments where I've channeled my determination (or a Coach just screams at me) and have truly given it everything I've got.  I want to do this consistently, not momentarily.

Play to a strength:  Swimming
I'm a really good swimmer.  I spent 13 summers in a lake in New Hampshire participating in and eventually running a swim program with a focus on form.  Years later I learned that speed that can come with an efficient stroke and strong body.  I've got both and they're starting to sync up.

My swim goals for 2012 are to
-steadily improve 100m pace for 250m swim
-do a 2 mile swim and don't drown.  Goodbye Little Uno, Hello Big Deuce.

I want to make something.  And I want it to have an audience and impact.
This could manifest itself in a number of ways.  At present, my hope is that I achieve this through my work.  In academia, getting published seems to be the golden goose. That's not necessarily what I'm after but the sentiment is similar.  Ask a good question, explore it, express it, share.  Something like that.  Or maybe just get pregnant and reproduce.

I've spent a great deal of time in the past year and half in my head or on the road.  There was good reason to spend time in both destinations but it has left me feeling a bit disconnected from places, people and possibilities.

Eat Better 
I'm really bad about preparing and planning meals and sometimes I don't have hunger as a prompt.  My last blood test revealed high triglycerides.  Considering all the things I do that prevent high triglycerides (I don't smoke, drink that much and I exercise a lot) my diet must be pretty bad for something to show through.

Park Better 
I have a small car.  I don't always park straight but I'm always in the lines and I've maintained that's all that matters.  Until I saw this.  There's just something obnoxious and stupid looking about it.

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