Wednesday, October 14, 2009


And tonight I made pork, the other white meat. Diane graciously left out her meat thermometer since that's the key to cooking pork, apparently. I rubbed the pork yesterday and let it sink in overnight. As per the recipe I grilled the pork for six minutes and then put it in the oven.

Now, about this meat thermometer. I wasn't really sure how it worked so I googled "how to use a meat thermometer." and it said "stick it into the thickest part of the chop." And the recipe said "Cook until the meat thermometer reaches 155 degrees." This suggested to me that you put the meat thermometer in the pork as it's cooking and keep an eye on hitting 155. Otherwise, do you just poke it periodically? I was a little skeptical of the whole thing but went ahead with it.

After just five minutes I was really curious about the temperature so I looked in on the meat. Not only was I cooking the pork, I was also cooking the thermometer apparently. Oops. That a pretty serious design flaw, no?

Here's what went wrong. I didn't remove the (plastic!) cover from the thermometer and you're not supposed to just leave it in there. Lesson Learned. And "buy Diane a new meat thermometer" appears on tomorrow's to do list.

Despite the theradrama the meal was fabulous. Recipe here. Pics below.

Cooking Light picture.

Foehl Kitchen picture.

I also made a batch of Super Muffins, but those are old hat now.

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