Thursday, October 08, 2009


Final photo-shoot today. Adam and I arrive at Wake Med hospital bright and early. Actually, it's so early, it's not really bright. And it's cold, too. I'm an outpatient this time, and presumably only there for the day but I've packed several changes of clothes and my own toiletries, just in case.

We register and head upstairs to wait. I'm given sensor that will vibrate when they're ready for me. Just like The Cheesecake Factory or something. In no time at all, a smiling nurse greets us and takes me down the hospital hall. I'm given a gown that is ten times my size and I have fun trying to make it look stylish. They take more blood, put in an IV and make X's on my feet for pulse checks they will do throughout the day. I am much less of a wimpezoid than I have been in the past and Adam is proud of me. One nice thing about an IV is they can administer most of the meds that way. Except one. Which goes in my hip. At the last moment Cid, the nurse, tells me, "I'm sorry honey, but this one is going to burn." She's not kidding. "Holy Crap!" I exclaim. Owwwie. That hurt. Wah.

I'm wheeled into the angiogram room and they basically tie me down to make sure I don't move during the photoshoot. Of course during this time everything itches but one of the angiotech's is a great itcher.

And then it begins. I hear Dr. KL's voice but never actually see her during the procedure. She makes some comment about pedal clip ins.
I'm told what I'm going to feel, and then am told "Breathe in, breath out, don't move." It's unpleasant, but knowing the sensations before they happen certainly helps. I'm much calmer this time (I attribute that to both the drugs and my calm demeanor). The tech team feels tighter and faster and before I know it, it's over.

Dr KL asks about reporting results. I tell her that my boyfriend, Adam, is in the waiting room. "Adam and Jamie!" she laughs. "Do you get a lot of Mythbuster's jokes?" I told you I like this Doctor. She tells me my films look fine and to make an appointment to review them with her next week.

My films look fine. I wasn't worried, but I am relieved. This whole thing is approaching over.

I'm wheeled out to the recovery area and have to lie flat for six hours. I'm woozy, but nothing compared to how this was in August. Adam stays with me, Barb arrives, Adam has to leave for work and then later Bengt arrives. The steady team of support makes all the difference.

Barb is especially entertaining. She seems to be having a really good time! I'm not sure if this is a reflection of the excitement of being with me or the excitement of not being at work. The girl got off easy though, I am nothing compared to the nightmare of Hospital Jamie in August. When the nurse comes over with discharge instructions Barb takes notes. I tell Barb I want a conference report.

As the end of six hours near they tell me that they're going to get me upright gradually. In the course of five minutes they raise the incline on the bed, get me in a chair and send me the bathroom. That wasn't very gradual but I must be a superstar, or there's a shift change, or they need the bed.

And with that, off I go. I feel woozy, but am pleased to be headed home. Of course, there's a quick pic with the superstar nurse, Cid.

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