Monday, October 12, 2009

Feeling Woozy. More tests.

And it’s off to Wake Med again to visit Doctor KL and review my pictures. I felt a little woozy over the weekend and doubt it really means anything but I’m still glad I can mention it to my doctor.

I bring a book and it’s a good thing I did because yet again I’m spending a long time in the waiting room. I think my patience has improved dramatically over the last two months.

She shows me my tests and confirms what she told me Friday. There’s nothing to indicate this was an aneurysm (note the wording of that).

She asks me how I’m feeling and I tell her that I felt a little headachy and nauseous over the weekend. I also indicate a lot of pain in my shoulder and neck and say I probably just slept funny on it, but wanted to report it anyway because you never know.

You don’t mess around when it comes to the brain so she orders a CAT Scan and an carotid ultrasound (this test is a first and is as close as I’m come to feeling pregnant). It was kind of cool to hear my heart beat and I can see why that would be moving for parents of an unborn child.

As soon as I arrive home from the hospital I have to turn around and co back. They need a copy of my scans from August. Something feels old school and absurd about sharing my information this way. I would expect more digital communication in 2009.

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