Thursday, July 23, 2009

Counting Pennies.

I can't count to ten.
I mean I can. But not when I'm swimming.
I have the hardest time keeping track of how many laps I've done. I much prefer to get into the zone when I'm doing laps and get lost in my thoughts or think about form and drag instead of thinking 1-1-1-1 the whole lap through.

So, I ordered a lap-counter. It's a ring type watch thing you wear on your index finger. You push a button on the device with your thumb. Easy.

I had been eagerly awaiting the arrival of a lap counter when I went swimming this week. In the meantime, I used pennies to count. I put a pile of pennies on the white painted 3 (as in three feet depth). Every time I did a lap the pennies moved onto the black painted area around the three. Brilliant, right?

So I'm swimming and I'm happy and I'm really high on the laps (as evidenced from all the pennies in the black area) and I'm about to finish a lap and what do I see on the floor or the pool?

Yes, my pennies.

And what do I see on the deck of the pool?

A toddler. Smiling with one of my pennies in her hand.


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