Sunday, July 12, 2009

Big Cats, Little Cats.

Diane's birthday was on July 6th but we celebrated it today with a kitty party. First, we visited the Carnivore Preservation Trust and saw some big kitties

After we saw big kitties, we went to Mary's house and do what all good geeks do. We played games. But first, please note the awesome decorations by Mary. I told Mary I had some balloons. Then I realized I only had black balloons. Then I remembered the kitties and Mary took it from there.

Mary also recalled that Diane mentioned the only reason (or one of the reasons?) she wanted to go on a cruise was because they fold towels in neat shapes. To heck with a cruise ship, once again, crafty Mary makes it happen.

Then we played the The Great Dal-Moody. I thought the Dal Moody's weren't bossy enough. I never got to be the Dal-Moody. Here are some good hat shots of the lesser Dal-Mooody.

And here are some nice flower shots of the Greater Dal Moody.

After Dal Moody we played Cranium. The best moment was the all play when the action was break dancing.

Adam got it before we hit the floor. Clever boy.

I like this shot of us all giving each other high fives. Because we're so awesome.

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