Saturday, July 11, 2009

Running, wedding and sleeping.

Did a long run this morning with Candace and the Jeff Galloway runners. I felt a little guilty because I've been following Hal Higdon's running program (who I just learned went to Carleton ----- yeah!). In fact, it was the day that they were taking the group picture for the season and Candace and I decided it was easier for me to be in the picture then to not so that was a funny thing. It was evidence that I had cheated on Hal! Anyway, the Galloway method is to walk/run. I was in the 1030 pace group that had me running three and walking one. I really liked being in the pace group - helped me stay steadier and faster than I would be otherwise. And the walk run thing was OK too. It was a nice little affair but I'm back with Hal.

After that I went to Laura Windley's wedding. It was at the Hope Valley Country Club with a vintage theme. So awesome. I only have two pictures from the wedding. Both of food (sigh). The cake and a huge piece of meat.

After the wedding Diane, Adam and I came back to our place and took a nap. I'm not a good napper so I was up and about after about 45 minutes. Adam emerged another 45 minutes later. Diane never emerged. I actually got a little worried about her. I thought about checking in on her but I hate waking people up. But then again, what if she was dead or dying or something? That's definitely worse than waking someone up.

I went to bed and was still thinking about Diane not emerging from her room. I also totally forgot she has a bathroom in there so I was getting concerned that she hadn't even been out to pee. And wasn't on IM or Facebook or anything.

That next Sunday morning at 7 am it just got to me and I knocked on her door. Of course she was fine. Sigh.

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