Thursday, June 18, 2009

A Tale of Four Tails by Diane Winner with videos and Jamie Commentary

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Throwing all common sense to the wind, Jamie and I signed up to foster four kittens last night.

Jamie's Note: I didn't sign anything.

Jamie's Note: A video of us on the drive over to Petsmart

I know, I know. Move on.

When we arrived at the PetSmart to get them, the coordinator had a carrier with four of the CUTEST kittens you've ever seen. Three orange tabbies and a grey tabby. All at that fluffy, mewing 8 week age where you find yourself reduced to a blathering idiot, willingly offering your fingers for little kitten claws to tear to shreds while you coo, "Who's a cute widdle kitten? You are! Aw, so precious and cute you widdle dawling kitty."

Jamie was instantly in love. Out came the camera (surprise) to take video of our darling new babies purring and playing through the bars of the carrier. SOooooo cute....

Jamie's Note: Here is said video. They like my purse.

But no. Not our kitties.

You should have seen Jamie's face. So disappointed. I swear she was already contemplating how she was going to get one of those fluffballs in her purse when in walked OUR kitties.

Jamie's Note: They did like my purse.

They were in two carriers. Draped with Big Towels. Carried by two people who said things in sinister voices like, "They've never been outside before... EVER." And, "They've never seen another human being before... EVER."

And, my personal favorite,

Cat People: "They're pretty scary."
Jamie: "You mean scared?"
Cat People: "No, scary."

Off come the towels, and from the very back of the carriers, squished as far as they could go, came adorably pathetic "Hiiiiissss" noises.

Jamie's Note: Before we met them, I made a joke that our kittens would be all black. Our kittens are all black.

I think Nick may finally have met his match.

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