Sunday, July 26, 2009

Mars v Venus

This morning marks the long awaited (a week and a half?) meeting of Team Mars (boyz) and Team Venus (girlz) in a relay triathlon.

The night before the Tri Candace and Rich hosted a carb-loading feast at their house.

Team Venus was me (bike), Barb (run) and Candance (swim).

Team Mars was Adam (bike), Rich (run/Candace Husband), and Greg (swim).

And here are just the six of us

The ride was OK. Not as pretty as the last one. Hilly. And all the downhills were followed by a sharp curve so I never got any of that speed back on the uphills.

Barb rocked the run. She ran a 5K at a 7:20 minutes per mile pace. Barb rules! Candace also had a PR for her swim. Go us!

In the end, though, Team Mars prevailed. But not by much.

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