Saturday, July 19, 2008

Ski boots. For biking.

I'm not that good at sports. Enthusiastic, yes. Skilled, no. But, I'm a pretty good skier. Probably because my parents taught me how to do it before I knew any better.

Most of my gear is old and kind of crappy. Especially the outerwear. I pride myself on the fact that my ski abilities, and not my ski equipment make me so damn awesome.

And when I see someone on the bunny slope in a high fashion outfit. Well, it tics me off.

So, when I've approached new activities, I'm always wary of outfitting up for it too quickly. I need to prove to myself that I've got some level of commitment to the sport and the equipment is necessary, and to a degree, modest.

Like biking. I've been avoiding bike shoes for years. I upgraded to toe cages (which are actually kind of dangerous) but I couldn't quite bring myself to commit to shoes just for biking.

Until I got the shoes as a gift.

One 30 mile ride (more on the ride later) and I was sold.

I love my shoes.

I especially love the top strap - it's just like a ski boot binding.

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