Saturday, July 05, 2008

Hello and Goodbye. I've just unemployed You.

Now, I’m a fan of local theater. While in New Hampshire, decided to see a play at the local theater “The Barn.” I’ve seen several impressive productions at this venue so my expecations for “Evita” were fairly high.

And, wow, were my expectations, um, not met at all.

It was so bad it was funny. Really. The narrator, Che, very weak voice – missed half of what he sang. Good thing I’ve already seen Evita and it’s not too complicated of a story.

Evita, well, she was no Madonna. And the wigs she wore. They looked like wigs and they weren’t good hairdos. If you’re going to borrow hair, borrow cool hair.

When I returned to Durham on Sunday I had to rent the DVD just to get the atrocity out of my head.

I think my favorite line is when Evita/Madonna evicts Peron’s mistress.
“Hello and Goodbye, I've just unemployed you.”
So incredibly bitchy.

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this explains alot.