Thursday, July 10, 2008

Pizza Night, take 8. And we have a winner.

Joined some pals for Pizza Night Take Eight (yes, that's in caps cuz it's an official event).
We went to Vics in Raleigh.
Now, Vic's is an Italian restaurant that serves pizza.
So, I guess we're opening it up a bit and go outside of pizza parlors.
Which means I can go to Bella Monica, my favorite Italian restaurant in the Triangle. Except I would have to order pizza - and that might be difficult to do because I love love love that Bella Monica Chicken Parmesan.

Vics was fantastic. I think what I like the most was the Prosecco - a delightful sparkling wine. Perfect for hot weather.

Oh yeah, we were sitting outside and it rained. But that's such a regular occurrence not even worth it to mention. In fact, if I had to describe all my nights out down here I would say "I ran into someone I knew and then it rained."

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