Saturday, July 19, 2008

Ride for the Land. Little River Roll.

Participated in an organized ride (see title of this post). The ride was in support of the Triangle Land Conservancy. I enjoyed the energy of other riders, I enjoyed the rest stops, I enjoyed my shoes , I enjoyed the signs that TLC had along the route with conservancy factoids, I enjoyed riding a faster bike that was not mine - I enjoyed the burrito at race end as well as the cheers at race end - to name a few of the things I enjoyed.

Most of the land we rode through is protected by TLC. That was noted in signs that were posted along the route.

What I found funny was that the last part of the ride went right through an uppity housing development. I couldn't help but think how funny it would be to have a sign along the lines of "Stop Development Like This."

Little Boxes on the Hillside, Little Boxes made of ticky tacky...

Me. Enjoying the rest stop.

It was a tiring ride and the rest of the day was not that productive. I had plans to go see music and movies at the North Carolina Museum of Art but guess what happened.

It rained. Sigh.

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