Saturday, July 26, 2008

Dug a hole in the sand. Where's that mantle?

When I moved down to North Carolina, I had images of me on the NC beaches during the weekend with friends. And this weekend, that image was realized. The images are mostly in my head because sand and water and wind and my camera don't mix.

With the exception of spending three hours extracting a splinter from a very wriggly 6 year old (and even that is a good story) it was a nice weekend. Found gas as low as $3.64. Inadvertently drove through Historic Goldsboro.

Went to Lowe's (the food store - why there is a major hardware and food store with the same name, dunno) and was amused by the following on the wine display. The wine that we purchased was opened and emptied within about 10 minutes of splinter removal.

Returned to Durham on Sunday, went to work for a few hours, and then down, over? to Greensboro for dinner. What are the weekends for, if not exploration?

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