Saturday, May 31, 2008

I'm in Urgent Care again this morning.
Based on my last visit, I know they have wireless so this time I come prepared with my own entertainment.
I run into the wife of someone from work.
I really do run into people round here more than half of the time I go out. It's no longer remarkable, yet I will still remark on it.
You couldn't really have an affair in this town. Raleigh, maybe.
Not that I want to. Not that I even could have an affair, seeing as I'm not married.

Today, I learn that the material that makes the seat of this chair is called caning.
And this material is not available at any craft shops in the Triangle.

I learn that even though I feel sick almost every time I go to Red Robin, I want to go again.

I learn that you won't necessarily see fireworks at a Bulls game even if you purchased the "Fireworks Ticket Package" (Fireworks are Friday night only).

I learn that as much as I begrudge the noisy party Dookies, the dance club in Durham is probably more fun when they are here.

And lastly, Mr. Video Store Guy I learn that this movie is not a comedy.

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