Friday, May 30, 2008

Opening night. I see "Sex and The City" with my Qwesty pals. My cough is distracting me. The line is long and lots of people dressed up and enthused. I notice some poorly done boob jobs too. Interesting suburban crowd. There are maybe 2 guys in the theater. Boyfriends? I like the enthusiasm but I hope everyone shuts up during the film. I hope my coughing shuts up mostly. There are cops too. That's funny. Cat Fights?

I look around. I am in a movie theater in a parking lot. I am not wearing black. I will not take a taxi home. At the movie end I am grieving my NYC life a little bit. That movie was kind of my life. That's not my life anymore. At least I still have my 646 cell phone.

Thought provoking.

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