Saturday, May 10, 2008

Wafting the Eno River with River Dave.

Where the last one home finishes the race.
Wafted, made a wish, swimming hole, snake.

The whole vibe of the tour was to be mellow. I was into it. So, on the waft back decided to sit still, say nothing and keep my eyes closed for 3 minutes. My eyes are closed. I am listening to nature. I am also in my head, thinking about the spring, and then trying to think about nothing.

For a while I enjoy it. I'm mellow - hooray! Until it really feels like 3 minutes should have passed. I mellow out again but still don't hear a timer. And then I just get all frustrated that I'm so not mellow that I can't even be mellow for 3 minutes. Am I that impatient and rushed? No, I am not. There is no timer. I really hope 3 minutes passed before I got antsy.


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