Saturday, May 24, 2008

There are some non dance pals in the group. They decide to get a little buzzed in the parking lot before going in. There is no booze at the dance.

Naomi and Chris strike a pose while the folks in the car do their thing.

At the dance. Guess who was in the car drinking?

I love my sister. She's at the dance. She grabs Bill and without a lesson in their life, they get on the floor. Bill is 6'7. Teri is 5'11 but in most of her shoes, she's plus six feet. They are the tallest couple by far (OK, I'm going to say it, there tend to be more short men in dancing than in the rest of the population). And they're having fun. That's what it's about. Somehow, I feel that Teri is supporting me by getting out there and I love her for it.

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