Sunday, April 13, 2008

On the same Sunday I went to the Savoy I also meandered to the Upper West Side, one of my many homes in New York City. I lived at 32 West 87th Street between Columbus and Central Park West.

Here's the 32

And one of the cross streets (Why yes, it was a dark and gloomy day. I bought an umbrella at Duane Reade. That, my friends, is why it didn't actually rain).

That was a fun apartment. Through a series of random events I lived there under cost, my brother showed up unannounced one day and stayed for the whole summer. That same summer a friend of my sister was going to stay with me for a few days while she looked for an apartment and she ended up staying a few weeks as well.

So there were three of us in a studio and it felt like four because said friend talked on the phone with her boyfriend at all hours. And I think her dog was there with us for a bit too.

I can't remember why, but one evening my brother and I got dressed up in cocktail dresses and went to the corner store for milk.

So here I am in front of the apartment. Do you see the smiley faces etched into the wall? I always liked them welcoming me to my Happy Apartment.

I also knew a few folks on the street. There was one guy who was always standing outside on the stoop towards Columbus and every time I passed him I would hear his deep voice say "Hello Gorgeous." I was sad he wasn't there when I passed through. I wanted to make sure I was still gorgeous to this random gentleman from my street.

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