Saturday, April 19, 2008

Three Cheers for Whimsy
I was invited to two Seder's this year. One in IL and one in NYC. When I was invited to the Seder in IL I think I was just coming back from some travel and was feeling weary so I passed. But, Thursday morning a co-worker (Craig, that's Andrea) mentioned she was going to a Seder and then I wanted to go to a Seder.

So I did. In IL. I flew to IL for dinner. Literally. Plane landed at 3pm on Saturday and took off Sunday at 10am. Worth every frequent flyer mile.

Snuck in a trip to the beach. You can't really tell it's the beach in this picture but I promise you we are facing Lake Michigan.

Yes, I flew halfway across the country to play Taboo. Seriously, we were having pre-Seder conversation and the box was just sitting there and I think I pretty blatantly interrupted so I could get the game started.

Seder Plate. Dayenu.

Romantic walk on the beach with Jamie, Taboo and Seder dinner make Gnomie tired.

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