Sunday, April 13, 2008

Savoy Ballroom Field Trip
So, I've been keeping up with Lindy Hop lessons and in the interest of nurturing that interest I decided to take a trip to Harlem to visit the site of the Savoy Ballroom, where it all started (I'm in New York City for a work trip, I didn't fly up here just to see the site although don't put something like that past me).

Chick Webb "the daddy of them all"

Me pretending to do the Charleston but really just holding the pose. You can probably tell.

I am trying to imitate the woman on the plaque. I am not dancing with anyone else though. You can probably tell.


This would have been funnier had there been more than two arms and legs but alas it was just me. You can probably tell.

It was a fun excursion. I have some "live action" videos I hope to post.

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jenny said...

I have to confess when I saw that picture of you imitating the woman on the plaque, my first thought was not anything deep and profound about dance but "geez her ab area looks really good." Haha. Thought you would like to know that.