Saturday, December 24, 2011

Reason Why I Might Convert to Judaism

I could have stopped at Day 8 with med ball cleans.

Today's Cross Fit workout "The 12 Days of Christmas" was challenging.
For one thing, I'm not so great at counting when it comes to reps and rounds.
The workout is structured just like the song.
I started off using boxes to track but humming the song (to myself) proved more helpful.

Not all boxes checked.  But all rounds were done.

I didn't do anything close to as prescribed (Rx) but I did every last rep (and probably then some because of the whole counting thing).

Somewhere around "10 Jumping Lunges" everyone else in the session was done.
Someone inadvertently re-racked my supplies.
My initial thought was "This is the opposite of double vision!"

Somewhere around "11 Pushups" the session was over.
My supplies were gone again.  I was dizzy.  Before I could say Uncle someone handed me a kettle bell.

Thank you to everyone who helped keep me going towards the end there.
Whoever you are.  I was focused on trying to breath and not fall over and maybe doing something that resembled the move.

Coach Paul was way too quiet during this workout (probably had something to do with the fact that he was doing it, not coaching it).  Still, I need assurance that he still hates Michael Kelley.

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