Friday, December 16, 2011

All major credit cards accepted.

In October my boss invited artists to attend a discussion about behavioral economics, dishonesty and cheating.  After the discussion they created work for an art exhibition called "Creative Dishonesty:  Cheat Codes."

Our lab is the gallery for the work.  Opening reception tonight.

A few hours prior to the reception the topic of attire came up.  One lab-mate mentioned a tux with tails. I don't think it was in the context of something he might wear for the reception but at that point the switch had been flipped.  What I was wearing just wasn't going to cut it.

I asked my boss if he was going to wear a tuxedo.  No he said, a jacket.

"But you should dress up" he told me.

"Um, I am dressed up"

"You're always dressed up."

"You're right.  I must up the ante."

And home to my closet I went looking for the perfect outfit.  The evening gown was a few sizes ago and looked baggy.  Dance and vintage wear?  Not quite right either.  Dallas cowboys cheerleader Halloween costume?  Wrong holiday.  But hang on, costume?  I can do better than costume.

I can be art.

And with that I made my self a last minute submission into the show.
And of course, like the other pieces, I came with a price tag.

The price tag was the nod to cheating and dishonesty.

The idea went over really well.

Imply what you will.

The curator liked it (though I wonder what the reaction would have been had I actually, um, submitted my art through same channels as the artists).

Yes, there were discussions about price (Duh, there were quite a few Behavioral Economists there and I guess this is how they party) and whether or not Diner's Club was a major credit card.

I quoted myself as "You can't afford it."  It was all in good fun except one creepy guy.  He offered me Diner's card.  That's when I made the determination it wasn't a major credit card.

Offers ranged from six figures to 84 cents.  I nearly smacked the 84 cents bidder until my boss pointed out that this person is typically paid large sums as a speaker (La-De-Da) and I should be flattered he offered me anything above a discount.

I guess we're all for sale.

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