Friday, November 25, 2011

Very Funny Cross Fit Durham. Make us lift our bodyweight the day after Thanksgiving.

1 Ground To Overhead @ bodyweight for each year you are old
(100 – your age)*10 reps Double-unders
Partition the work in any way you like.  There is a 30 minute time limit.

I can' do double-unders (jump rope but the rope goes under you twice before you land).  Typically the scale for that is 3 singles per double.  That would have meant I had to do 1,980 singles.  100-34=66*10=660*3=1,980.

Fortunately the scale for double-unders wasn't three singles.  Instead I had to side jump over my barbell.  I remember doing this type of jump on the bleachers for ski-team dry land training.

That pink thing is me, mid-air.  It kind of looks like I could be tightrope walking the bar.  I did not do 660 jumps (there was a time limit on this one for fear everyone would be there until dark).  I eek-ed out 330.
I did complete 34 ground to overheads.  Wasn't lifting my body-weight (my one skinny plate on the side there looks so lonely and lame).   When it comes to weights there's very little I do "Rx" (as prescribed).  I scale for safety and ability.

When I initially saw the photo below I thought "Wow, what the hell type form is that?"  Then I realized in this shot I was just stabilizing the barbell so I could jump over it.  Phew.   My form is far from perfect but I would like to think it vaguely resembles the movement.
Had I not been working out I would have observed how people partitioned this out.

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