Friday, November 18, 2011

Sharing and Substance

I took my time sharing news about my new job.

In part, it was so significant for me personally I was quite happy just having it to myself and for myself.

Prior to blogging about it I used the news as a prompt to reconnect with friends.

I'm delighted at the support and excitement for me.  I've also had folks express admiration for my bravery.  I don't perceive it as such but that's another story, maybe a post.

Several folks expressed a genuine interest in knowing more about what I would be doing and asked for updates as I got into the work.

This might be a vestige of the world I come from but I'm trying to determine what I can disclose about what I'm doing (particularly when it's in progress).  I don't have the shorthand to describe the work either (I took simplicity of not having to explain much past "I work in advertising" for granted).  I'm not entirely sure exactly what I'll be doing.  Part of my job is for me to invent it based on where I see a need and have an interest - that will evolve with exposure.  And I have so much to learn.

It's possible I'll have an opportunity to blog on my work site.  You know I'll cross post them here.

Of course I will continue to post about silly inconsequential stuff but I do hope to share more of the guts of what I'm doing.

And more pictures, regardless the topic.

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