Monday, November 14, 2011

Basking in the glory of unemployment

I had three glorious days of being unemployed.  Today being the last day (note the time stamp on the blog.  At 5:00 I felt like everyone else because I would be going to work the next day).

There wasn't exactly that 100% break where there is truly no work to be done because I've already been working the new job prior to my official start.   I didn't let that stop me (too much).

Highlights of the stint was sweatpants, ugly but warm and comfortable sweater, Cross Fit at 11:30, apartment very messy when I am in stuff bomb mode or apartment very clean when I feel like cleaning it.  And books (reading them).

I actually bought a book on Amazon that I've already read.  And, I have no intention of selling it back.  I got the book from the library, renewed it until someone else put a hold on it and even then I was slow to get it returned (I think they're going to build a new wing of the library with my overdue fine).  The book is referenced so frequently I felt it necessary to have around.  

I also read this while I was at it
Next up is below.  Fortunately we have a lab copy.

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Brita said...

Jamis: I've been wanting to read that last one (Fast and Slow). Please let me know what you think of it! -Geburta