Saturday, April 09, 2011

You've got to learn how to fall before you learn to fly

Indeed Paul Simon, you do.

So, I took a bailing class at Cross Fit.  To learn to fall and to get the barbell (and yourself) out of the way if you think you might drop it on your head.

Unless I'm falling into water (surfing/diving) I do have some anxiety about hitting my head (for good reason) and it makes me a little more cautious than I might be.  Having the Coach push our backs on his own timing to practice the front fall made me laugh (lots of Cross Fit things make me laugh, like being upside down) and alleviated some of that anxiety.

I did notice an almost twinkle in the Coach's eye when he was leading this exercise.  He waited a really long time.  I have the attention span of SQUIRREL! and got distracted by what was going on at Motorco across the street. Then pow, I'm down and my wrist bore the brunt of the fall.  Exactly what you're not supposed to do.

Throwing a barbells around also cracked me up.  It was especially enjoyable in that throwing barbells seems like something you're not supposed to do (like jumping on the bed) but damn it's fun.

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