Thursday, April 14, 2011


I already have three triathlons on the books (= registered and paid) for the season.

I'm curious how Cross Fit (there will be other blog topics, I promise, but this is my blog) will affect my performance.  In describing it's many attributes, Cross Fit indicates it improves performance in activities/sports you don't necessarily do at CF. Like, biking (and dancing?).

The first Tri is Ramblin Rose (ladies only) in Raleigh on May 22nd.  I will do some swimming, riding running in advance but for the most part I'm going to focus on cross-training via Cross Fit.

The second Tri is the Doughman with the famous fourth leg.  Eating.
It's a relay race (me and my food aggression will just have to deal with it).
I'm the bike rider.  I also have to eat the most.  Let's just skip the question of why I was asked to do this leg.
I'm not sure how to train for a tri that DQ's you if you puke.

The third tri is Smile Train Sprint Triathlon in Wake Forest.
This is actually the first Tri.  My first Tri.
Two years ago a pal quit smoking.  Decided to do a triathlon to get through it.
I said "I'll do it with you."

And here we are.

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