Sunday, April 10, 2011

Michael WOD - my hero or nemesis?

 Some of the Cross Fit WOD's (workout of the day) have names.  I think they are called Hero WOD's.

This morning I met Michael.

3 rounds for time
Run 800 m (just a shade under a half mile) around the neighborhood
50 Situps
50 Superman's

I did this in 30 minutes and 16 seconds.  Rx.  Slow in comparison to the others and quite far from the "time to beat" but I'm competing with myself and my goals were to run the whole 800 (instead of take a walk break) and just push myself a little harder than I have been.  Also, this is the first WOD I have done RX - exactly as prescribed (no modifications).

Kurt Cobain set the pace for my first 50 situps (they have music in the background).

On my last 800 I saw a guy take a leak - Was that Michael?

The last 50 sit ups were a bitch (or maybe bastard, since this is Michael's workout).  My head felt really heavy like a bowling ball but I cranked them out.  Not much grace.  I think I might have grunted.  And I know I cursed.  I got the occasional "C'mon Jamie" from the Coach (who used to be a marine) and I channeled a little inner GI Jane.

Someone counted out my last 50 Superman's and I know I would not have gone that pace without that.  Whoever (whomever?) you are.  Thanks.

I can't wait to go back tomorrow.  I guess you could say I'm drinking the Kool-Aid.

There's something else playing into my desire to push myself and own how I move.  I watched 127 Hours last week.  It's the story of Aron Ralston - the adventurer who amputated his own arm to escape from a boulder that had him pinned in a canyon in six days.  I was inspired by his psychological and physical strength.  I don't know that I could summon the former under the same circumstances and I'm sure I don't possess the latter.  

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