Thursday, March 19, 2009


I've inspired Diane to minimalize (different from minimize). She planned to get rid of so much stuff, a clothing swap was in order. Based on the volume of stuff we anticipated and the friends likely to attend, we decided to hold the clothing swap at Loafers - the club where we dance every other Thursday (or not).

It was jarring to walk in and see all these clothes strewn across what is essentially a bar. Almost like they had been washed on shore, which is somewhat fitting for a beach club. I took a picture but it was of such poor quality (um, lighting) that I deleted it on the spot.

It was also jarring to see a bunch of leads (generally guys) standing around while the follows (generally ladies) scavenged for clothes. It's usually the other way around. How does it feel, gents?

So, we've made a little more room.

I did end up taking a few of Diane's things, which sorta defeated the purpose because it's just a redistribution of the stuff. But now I have dance shoes! Hooray. Diane's foot is a touch smaller than mine so I felt a little bit like Cinderella's stepsister when I was trying them on.

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