Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Diane meets Jamie, Part Two.

How many garbage cans do you have in your house?
Your bathroom garbage? Visible or not (not = under the sink)?

OK, So Diane and I just moved in and are in the midst of getting settled. It's going well, but there's a teeny tiny bit of negotiation involved. Right now, we are embroiled in what has been dubbed "The Great Garbage Can Debate."

Here's the deal. I'm a minimalist. To the extreme. The "layout" of my belongings is all about art direction. Practicality is an afterthought.

Diane on the other hand. Practical. So, she's got garbage cans on either side of the couch. If it were me, there would be end tables on either side of the couch.

In the end, we got it down to one garbage can in the living room. Several people were polled. Most people don't think or care about garbage cans that much. The thing I didn't quite process during the great debate was that Diane has allergies and actually had a frequent need for disposal of tissues. I feel a little bad now.

But not enough to give back that garbage can.

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