Saturday, March 21, 2009

Goodbye Swedish Prince

I attended a goodbye party tonight for one of my favorite friends down here.


Everyone loves Tobias. The ladies especially (and he loves the ladies back).

There's something very joyful about Tobias. Dancing with him especially. He's always smiling, even when I mess up. Which I do often.

Most importantly, Tobias was the most welcoming person to me from the dance scene. He posted an Orienteering Event on the dance message board, I attended and he walked me through the woods and we were friends ever since.

He also didn't get too upset when at first I pronounced his name like the Tobias on Arrested Development. I think I had just finished the second season.

The good news is that Tobias is moving to Colorado. I place, for work, I visit often. So maybe it's not goodbye, maybe it's just see you later.

This is a cheesy post but you know what, I really mean it all.

That's not me hugging Tobias, by the way. But it's a sweet picture, no?

Photo by Colin. Nice one, Colin.

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