Friday, March 13, 2009

Diane meets Jamie, Part One

One of the reasons I was excited about Lucky Charms was because I know cereal. Because I eat a lot of it. Because it's easy and yummy and serves one. Unlike baking and cooking which are not as easy (relative to cereal prep).

I've just moved in with a woman who bakes cakes for weddings. Not as her full time job, but it could be. I'm going to take this roommate thingy as an opportunity to learn a bit without having to invest in all sorts of pots and pans and crap like that (I bet the amount of stuff that goes with cooking and baking is part of my hesitation).

So, today is my bosses birthday and I decided what better way to start my journey into the oven (or what better way to lose my job, should the cooking effort go awry).

Diane and I decided on cupcakes. I described my boss as "Grumpy, but funny about it" and Diane had a flash of genius (intermittent wipers!) and we decided to do Rod the Grouch.

I actually did all the measurin' and mixin' - I had wine with dinner and I was feeling it a little bit which could have been disastrous but apparently I did alright.

Diane finished them off while I hung pictures (When it comes to interior decoration, I'm the baker).

Here's the final result

And here's my boss with an extra grumpy pose for his birthday.

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A* said...

UGH! I am so sorry that I missed it! They look delicious and Rod looks sufficiently grumpy. Good work Jamers!