Saturday, September 06, 2008

Steak and Drag Bingo

Drove down to Raleigh on Saturday night for two entertaining events.

The first was Alexis' 30th Birthday Party - celebrated at Sullivan's. I think my favorite moment was when I had to go to the ladies room - just me - and five of the ladies at the table came with me - just because. Girl-friends.

I had my leftover steak wrapped up and made a joke to the people at the table about forgetting it. And then I left, and left the steak at the table. A table-mate came running after me. And then folks proceeded to send me txts's and e-mails and Facebook notes to remember my steak.

After Sullivan's headed over to Drag Bingo. Yes, it's just that. A Drag Show and Bingo. It was FABulous and fun.

After Drag Bingo played late night Settlers. Settler's is rivaling Taboo in terms of a game I enjoy playing.

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