Thursday, September 04, 2008

Pizza Night Part 12, the saga continues

Ate at Piccola Italia Pizza in Cameron Village in Raleigh. Now, if you know where Cameron Village is, that doesn't necessarily mean you can immediately find this restaurant. That place is a maze.

We arrived and were seated in a booth. Now really, I'm not a particularly big girl but these booths were small. Minus points for this place.

But, the company was good and the pizza was tasty.

Loafers afterwards, as is becoming the tradition. My ride home was the DJ and he was staying to the very end. I was concerned that by the very end I would be falling asleep in the corner somewhere drooling on myself. So, I snuck out early with some other Durham bound folks making my overall visit time to Loafers quite short. That was OK. I was a little out of it. Couldn't quite get the beat on a bunch of beat-tastic songs.

And Congrats to Miquelito for passing his test. Hooray! MM studying on the beach for the test.

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