Friday, September 12, 2008


I've turned down so many invitation to see the band "Old Ceremony" you might think I had no interest. The truth is, I have quite a bit of interest (having heard so much about this group) but every darn show seems to happen on a night when I really can't make it.

This Friday, the planets aligned and I was able to see the group perform at the Pour House in Raleigh. I think "I get it" (meaning, why people love them so much). Yep, they're good looking guys, in an alternative kind of way, and they're good musicians.

This night also represented another cosmic event. There were work people and dance people all in the same space. Some of them, actually talking together. I enjoy it when worlds meld like that.

I couldn't get McKinney dance people combo photographs. But, I snapped a few shots of folks out.

It was just what I needed that Friday night. It had been a rough week.

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