Saturday, August 30, 2008

Teri, don't hit the condo.

Meandered up to New Hampshire for Labor Day to see the parentals as well as the Princess (Teri, my sister) and her beau Nate.

On Saturday, we played golf. Well, Nate and I didn't play - we were in charge of photography and taunting the players. We did this quite well.

First, warming up at the range

And now, onto the course, of course. There were five of us, so we had three carts. My dad hassled my poor sister the whole way through. Although, she didn't set herself up too well by almost hitting a condo on the first hole

Now this is a strange shot. It has not been altered. But I am in black and white. A bit like that film Pleasantville. My parents do live on Pleasant Lake so who knows what is going on.

And here she is, the Princess. Don't hit the condo.

My sister is actually an excellent golfer. It's just that she's so easy to tease. Loving you Teri.

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