Thursday, August 21, 2008

Bidet, a makeshift shower.

I'm in West Chicago, IL. I'm not "west of Chicago." I'm in a town, about an hour outside of Chicago called West Chicago which personally, seems deceiving to me but no matter.

Am here for work. Staying at a hotel in Geneva, IL. The hotel is on the fancy pants side. They provide milk and cookies as part of turn down.

The most interesting thing in my room however, by far, was the bidet.
And the funniest moment, by far, was me turning it on (wasn't actually using it) and having the water shoot into the ceiling and then trickle down back on me.

Bidet - also a makeshift shower.

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lynn said...

lol...I did a google to see if we could get info on doing a makeshift shower for a temporary need and found your blog...and got a good laugh. I guess this won't be our first choice as a remedy for our situation. This was cute, thanks for sharing it, I could just picture that happening.