Thursday, August 28, 2008

#11 and I earned $1.50.

I did an audit of all the previous pizza nights and realized that my counting was a little, um, wrong. So, for those of you who are counting, and counting properly, as in using consecutive numbers, tonight was Pizza Night #11. I think.

Pizza Night #11 was enjoyed at Amante in Raleigh.

When I first walked in I announced “I’m cold.” Apparently I announced it loud enough that the guy behind the counter brought over a windbreaker. Now, that’s service.

Two pizza’s were ordered. They did not arrive at the same time. Now, that’s not service. In fact, one was getting dangerously close to cold before the other arrived which forced me to choose between being impolite or eating cold pizza. I chose impolite.

The pizza was good. Good as in I would eat here again. The company and conversation was also enjoyable, thereby elevating the experience.

But I wasn’t going to make a final decision before I made it through dancing without a grumbling, rumbling stomach a la Lily’s. It passed the test. I’m putting it in the Top 3. Don’t ask me what the other two are – I don’t know – but this place would be among them.

And that was Pizza Night. On to dancing.

I hadn’t been to Loafers in a few weeks (out of town) so I was clumsy as anticipated, but had fun anyway. A few weeks ago I learned a cool Charleston move that I thought was “money” – so I called it the “money move.” Learned a little add on to the move tonight and dubbed it “dollar and a half” or “buck fifty.”

When I was taking classes earlier this year I would arrive at Loafers at 7:30, do the lesson, dance with a person or two and leave. In fact, I think the bulk of the people showed up after I left. Gradually, I’ve started to stay a little later. On Thursday, I broke new ground and stayed until the bitter end (the bitter end as defined by the DJ as in “last song”).

I’m an animal.

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