Sunday, May 20, 2012

Ready, Set, Ramble

Ramblin' Rose triathlon.  My starter triathlon for the season. I need a triathlon to get me geared up (training) for the season. This one does the job. 

You know when you're going kind of slow on your bike you think "Maybe I have a flat/under-inflated tire?" That's what I was thinking when I was dragging the bike up a hill. And then I realized I actually did have a flat tire. A crew tried to help (twice) but I was without spare tube so I decided I would just run with the bike (there was no way I wasn't finishing). I'm not sure how far I ran when a volunteer offered me her bike. It was incredibly kind of her and once I was convinced she was serious about it we "traded" and I was off. 

So my bike time was abysmal and my run time eh because I'm not a great runner and I had already been running but I was very pleased with the swim time (17 percentile overall) and most importantly I'm all jazzed up about the rest of the season and that's the point. 

Full coverage can we found at W-JLF.

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