Tuesday, May 08, 2012

Birthday Punch

Our lab put together a pre-birthday party, birthday party and post birthday party for our boss.

Why not celebrate your birthday three times?

The parties were all built around winnings from a charity auction.  

The Pre Party "The Punch" Report

The Pre-Birthday party featured two prizes

Three singing self-proclaimed hot guys 

#2 One punching an MBA in the face (seriously).

In order to build the anticipation for the punch we had the three hot guys sing "Eye of the Tiger."  It was terrible in that good funny kind of way.

I don't think I've ever seen a real physical fight in person.  If I ever do witness one I kind of hope it's over me.  I mean, if you have to see that happen you might as well feel involved somehow.

The "bid" for the punch was not easy.  Our theory was the MBA who was getting punched was bidding on himself.  I had been anticipating this weird moment for quite some time.  

About a half hour before the party I started to feel really anxious about it.  I am definitely one of those "don't look" type people when things get really bloody or violent on screen (though sometimes I force myself to buck up and watch).  

This was just a punch but it was going to happen right in front of me.  I had every opportunity to "not look" but this whole situation was just too intriguing.  The MBA was doing this voluntarily.  My boss interviewed him before and after.  It was for charity.  It was going to happen whether or not I watched it.  I recognize this is just the type of thinking that has led to all sorts of human tragedy but there I was thinking it anyway.

The punched happened.  I flinched but looked.  
And then I laughed (laughter seems to be my default emotional response so I don't really know what that means).

And then it was over.   But the party wasn't.  This was the pre-brithday party.  We were just getting started.

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