Sunday, May 29, 2011


A Carleton/Swing Dancing/Cross Fit friend of mine who shares my name, but not the spelling (Jayme) own ducks & rabbits.  She's also got a delicious selection of greens in a garden.  I was inspired/jealous and decided that I wanted fresh basil nearby.

So, I bought some basil and the Durham Farmer's market, went to Target for a pot and some soil (it was really strange to buy dirt).

Based on what I read, basil requires good drainage so I walked around my apartment complex and found some small stones to line the bottom of the pot.  I felt a little bit like my dad, scavenging for stones.  He's built stone walls based on a gradual mining of rocks from various areas.

And here's the finish product.  I've tried this sort of thing before and my black thumb prevails.  So basil plant, I will water you, give you sun, harvest you and necessary.  Please don't die.  

And now I have a 1/2 bag of moisture control potting mix in my apartment.  The minimalist in me doesn't love the idea of storing dirt but who knows.  If I have any sort of green thumb, I might find the basil a friend.

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