Sunday, May 22, 2011

Ramblin Rose

And triathlon season is underway.  Starting with Ramblin' Rose.  

I got my race packet the day prior and was delighted to see my name on my bib.  I was less delighted that I was body marked the day before the race.  I felt like jailbird.  They wrote my name on my arm (this is unusual) and they wrote 34 as my age on the back of my leg (this is not unusual - they age you up based on how old you'll be at the end of the year).  

Here's my little piece of real estate in the transition area.

I was pleased to learn a fellow Lindy Hopper would be joining me.  And, this was her first triathlon.  Here we are posing as if we are doing a swing out.  Cross-pollination of worlds.

I signed up for this triathlon to kick start the season.  Sometimes it just takes one do get jazzed to train for the others.  I had one goal.  To beat my time from the Rex Wellness triathlon I did in late August last year.  I pretty much just "showed up" for the Rex tri without any training.  My times reflect that.  

I didn't do much sport specific training (swim, ride, run) for Ramblin Rose but my overall level of fitness is better and I beat Jamie August 2010. 

I passed about 5 people in the pool.  And ranked pretty high for swim pace.  Thing is, I know I can push myself harder and go faster.  Too bad the swim time has so little to do with overall time.  

Here I am doing the hokey pokey (you put your left foot in, you put your left foot out) while waiting to jump into the pool.  No kidding on jumping.  Never started like that.  Whee!

Ramblin Rose was an all women's tri.  I didn't notice much of a difference, really.  I did see a lady in a tiara and the cheering section looked remarkably like the shoe department at Nordstrom.

 Next up, Doughman.  A triathlon with eating.

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