Monday, December 13, 2010

We'll be right there.

Monday the 13th.  Last trip to Columbus.  The Client/Agency holiday party is tonight and about 30 co-workers are flying out for it.  There's only one direct flight from RDU to CMH and about half of the McK crowd (including me) will be on that flight - the McK-Bus to C-Bus.
Flight from RDU to CMH delayed.

Canceled!?  This really puts a kink in my plan to get Gold Medallion status on Delta.

Go through security anyway to get coffee for the team (Delta wasn't printing boarding passes for a canceled flight - but I printed mine the day prior).and walk back out (I'm not a coffee drinker, but I understand the need.  Plus, I'm going to be traveling with these people - maybe - I want them in a good mood).
Shortest trip ever. 

I learn I *am* going to be traveling with these people.
On a private plane.

The planes (Citation I and Citation II) are flying in from Greensboro.  I'm kinda wondering why these planes will make the trip but not Delta. 

We have some time so a group of us grab lunch at An.  I order a beet salad.  It's pretty.
I am on Citation I.  The little five seat-er.  I wonder how plane assignments were made.  Role in company, for sure, but perhaps weight?  I grab some Maggie Moo's in case they over-estimated my weight.  I love ice cream in the cold an An doesn't have a ton of options for me. 
After lunch we drive to the airport and literally just get on the plane.  The lack of hassle is remarkable.

Four of the seats face each other.  Then there's a single sideways facing seat close to the pilots - that's where I sit.  It's at the front of the plane and there is a lot of leg room (though you don't want to stretch my legs too far because I'm opposite the door).  Is this First Class or an Emergency Exit Row?  The pilots point out all the features.  Notably, the liquor stashes.  One of which is near me.  Maybe I'm the Flight Attendant.

And we're off.  Goodbye RDU and your green landscape
Hello Clouds

And sun

A co-worker (who very much needs a restroom, but not the one on the plane) asks me to ask the pilot for an ETA.  He's wearing headphones and he's flying the plane.  I'm extremely hesistant to tap him on the shoulder.
I take a look out the window and determine we must be close.

We are close.  Can't you see that runway?  I couldn't actually.

And then we just hop off the plane (onto a red carpet) and walk 50 yards to a cab. 
 Pretty cool, no?

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