Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Tuesdays in Ohio

In the last few months I’ve spent more nights at the Hyatt than in my own bed.  A work assignment brought me to Columbus, and a little too much time staring at the ceiling in said Hyatt brought me to the Shrunken Head in Victorian Village to swing dance on Tuesday nights.

I want to thank the fine folks of Swing Columbus for live music every Tuesday night, a venue that serves food and alcohol (a bit of both prior to dancing are helpful), for the lessons, playing “Bizet Has His Day,” energetic jam circles with aerials, thanks to the leads for the dances (and steering me clear of the poles when I was back-leading myself right into them)and when I wasn’t on the floor I enjoyed watching y’all (I’m not from the South, but I do live there now).  

Thanks for giving my weeks some much needed structure and my dancing a much needed kick-start.  Most of all, thank you for your friendliness.  You’ve got a great scene going & should my job lead me back to C-bus you can count on me and my suitcase showing up for more.

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